Drive Africa's Roads to Adventure. Sports Tourism has topped our agenda for several years, and an interview with Kenya's Mike Kirkland paved the way. A supporter since day one, Mike introduced us to the East African Safari Rally. The exciting event starts and ends in Mombasa -- under the giant horns in town center. Mike opened the door to a wealth of information through the Rally's web site. The world's greatest classic car rally will cover a marathon 4,200 km over nine days and once again take the crews through the remote and beautiful landscapes of Kenya and Tanzania.

Auto Innovation. See Video

Automobiles of the future - here now



Timkat's Renault still in prime condition after 40 years of service
See item on Timkat Wedajo of Rainbow Exclusive Car Rental and Tour Services of Addis Ababa on this web site. TLC and good maintenance are part of the key for this exceptional tour operator, a well respected leader in Ethiopia. We have known him since 2000 during our first event in Ethiopia. Read the Rainbow Corporate Story and Midroc Technology Group.


Flashback: World's 1st Auto Future Tech Summit
Vancouver BC: The GLOBE Foundation is pleased to announce the inaugural Auto FutureTech Summit was held in Vancouver British Columbia . This is the first event of its kind bringing together an elite global gathering of representatives of the automotive and fuel sector's major stakeholders: OEMs, suppliers, financiers, oil and gas producers, electric utilities, labor unions, maintenance providers, insurance/reinsurance, agribusiness, civil society groups, and policy makers. This event will be staged in conjunction with GLOBE 2008, North America's premier event on the business of the environment. This event is the first time industry has come together on this magnitude to discuss the massive shift taking place in the automotive sector.  Together parties will explore the key issues, challenges and opportunities confronting the global automotive industry over the coming decade.   More . Write Editor

From Mr. Wonderfuel and Scamper, to Canada's Highways and Airways
by Jerry W. Bird,

I spent a large part of two exciting decades getting to know the world of automobiles, fuel systems and recreational vehicles, meeting the people who make them go and those that pull the strings. Allied with this effort was a massive program on alternative fuels and fleet conversion for the Propane Gas Association of Canada featuring Mr. Wonderfuel (right) in a dozen or more films. As national public relations agent for Canada's RV manufacturers and marketing firms, and originator of several lage scale auto sales and

Ethiopia Success Story
advertising programs myself and staff crossed the country many times. That is another story. One of my biggest kicks was in 1992, producing a video for the Government of Canada, Public Works working with the agency's Vancouver office. The 45-minute video saluted the 50th Anniversary of the Alaska Highway and took me back to my Yukon roots for the very first ttime since high school. Here is the opening sequence. Dim the lights and imagine yourself a time traveler.

" The year is 1942. The month is February and our whole world is gripped by total war. For the moment, Axis forces hold the initiative, and for weeks following the Pearl Harbor disaster, every ship leaving North America's Pacific ports is threatened. The president's directive is clear: Furnish a supply route to the network of northern airfields - an overland route to supplement our air and sea lanes; one secure from attack." Approval comes swiftly, and the task begins, with end points set up by the military at Dawson Creek, BC. and Big Delta, Alaska. Overnight, the entire North mobilizes, as the rugged Trail of '42 rivals the famous Trail of '98 in worldwide focus. Those of us living in the Yukon at the time felt suddenly in the forefront of the action. What some called North America's greatest construction project since the Panama Canal began as a marvel of mobility at the time. U.S. Authorities combed the entire coast, seeking available water transportation, creating a patchwork flotilla of yachts, cargo vessels, tugs fish boats and barges.


SO gives car industry new interface to navigation systems

Car navigation system


As the car navigation industry has grown so has incompatibility between navigation systems and the databases that store important location information. Additionally, there is a need to more easily develop navigation system applications. ISO (International Organization for Standardization) is contributing solutions to those issues with an International Standard for a navigation system application programming interface (API). MORE

The East African Safari Rally commemorates the original Coronation Safari, a unique event run by enthusiasts to celebrate the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth in 1953. In 1960 the event was renamed the East African Safari Rally, running annually until 1972, and, in keeping with the sense of history, only cars produced before 31 December 1974 (or the exact same car if built before 1978) are eligible to compete." Watch our Home Page for further announcements on our AT media coverage and visit:

Eco Solar Car Crosses Canada for $ 9.22

Using only as much electricity as it would take to illuminate a 100-watt light bulb for four days, a group of Queen's University students set a new world record for the longest distance traveled in a solar-powered car. The group's 30-day trip, which began in Halifax on Canada day, ended on the weekend when the streamlined, spaceship-like vehicle cruised into downtown Vancouver. "Our entire trip only utilized the equivalent of $ 9. 22 worth of electricity," said Melody Berg, tour manager. "The equipment truck which followed along behind had to guzzle $ 1,370 worth of gasoline just to keep up." Traveling at speeds up to 125 km/h, the solar-powered vehicle - christened the Radiance by its builders - logged 7,044 km far outdistancing the previous world record of 4,058 km set in 1996 by an Australian team."

It was an amazing trip," said Berg. "The car really held up well. There were only a few minor troubles. And to top it all off, we really killed that old record." The flat-topped, five metre-long, one-metre-high vehicle traps sunlight in the solar cells covering its surface, which then produce enough electricity to power an electric motor. Any excess energy is stored in a battery for use on dull or rainy days. "We definitely got a lot of jaw-dropping and double-takes, " said Berg, recalling the surprised looks of other motorists. " It really doesn't look like anything else out there." The group hopes its cross-country tour will help raise the profile of alternative energy sources and the huge environmental and economical benefits.

Africa Roads Conference
Dedicated to providing innovative solutions to the challenges facing the development and maintenance of road infrastructure on the African continent.

1. Implement and profit from the practical solutions discussed in the case studies and panel discussion

2. Network with people that matter to your organization and build your client base

3. Learn key strategies from innovators in the field to aid you in developing and improving your road network system

4. Benefit first hand from the latest insights into financing road projects as well as strategies to optimize operational efficiency

5. Assess the long-term strategies needed for developing an integrate road network

Meet delegates from the following industries …

• Road agencies and administrators

• Road operators

• Concessionaires

• Government departments: > Transport     >Public Works

• Civil engineering

• Construction

• Infrastructure financiers

• Investment banks

• Law firms

• Transport consultants

• Engineering and consulting firms

• Maintenance companies

• Infrastructure equipment and material suppliers



Free Evaluation for Trade In On Your Present Vehicle . Click here

Auto and RV Rental
This is a key part of our business with AVIS Rent A Car playing such a key role in advertising and mass distribution of over 500 Spumes and Budget Rent A Car using our services for their popular coupon books. Now, we're working on an Adventure Roads edition that will compare services and automotive products. Watch for it

 Much more to come as we add new installments
Read about Kenya's famous Olympic Athletes of the Century from our interview with Dr. Kipchoge Keino, head of the National Olympic committee of Kenya (left), and visits with many others. These include those in the preceding pages, plus the CEO of Kenya Airlines, African Airlines Association, the Kenya chamber of Commerce, Kenya Tour Operators Association, Utalii College, the East Africa Wildlife Society, Kenya Travel Agents Association, the Standard Group, Great East Africa Auto Rally, Alliance Hotels and Resort, the Mombasa and Coast Tourist Association.





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Meet Rainbow's All Star Performance Team. Explore and Enjoy Ethiopia

The finest fleet in Ethiopia. We're ready to meet your needs for any occasion from tours to conventions - and more! Rainbow Exclusive Car Rental & Tour Services has meticulously selected the most up-to-date fleet of vehicles, which range from the VIP class Mercedes 200E luxury limousines to the comfortable Volvo, Opel, Toyota Corolla, sturdy Four Wheel Drives and Coaster buses for hire.

Rainbow proudly presents an expanded and greatly enhanced version of its official web site. This newly revised site will focus on our goal of "All Star Performance" from three convenient locations in the capital, Addis Ababa, including the prestigious Sheraton Addis Hotel. Other offices are strategically located throughout the country. We will support developing news about Rainbow Exclusive Car Rental & Tour Services with valuable travel, trade, financial and personal information for our many clients and potential customers in North American and worldwide.

As of this moment, fifteen new topics have been added - each of interest to specific readers and viewers. Watch for many more selections appearing on this site, plus event and trade show coverage, Ethiopian Millennium celebrations, interactive route maps, previews, radio-tv interviews, fam trips and an exciting Millennium "SuperTour" Program. More photos

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Ethiopia lies between the Equator and the Tropic of Capricorn. Its area is 1,112,000 square Kilometers. Most parts of it are elevated plateau rising from 2100 - 4400 meters. It is divided into climate regions marked as Depression" which at some points descends more than 90 meters below sea level. Majestic mountains, imposing peaks, alluring and glamorous gorges, ravishing tablelands, verdant pasturelands, luxuriant tropical regions and the magnificent Rift Valley are some of its physical formations.

Splendid landscapes sparsely wooded semi-desert tracts, tremendous and unfamiliar physical relief and the infrequent wilderness are some of the captivating, astonishing and outlandish attractions that Ethiopia offers. As a land of great physical contrast, its different territories are scenic and awe-inspiring. The innumerable, magnificent crater lakes characterized by their aquatic life, the alarming abysses, the interweaving rivers, the enticing and graceful waterfalls, the extraordinary Savannah, the unusual wild domains and the uncommon natural phenomena in some parts of this bounteous country are mystery-shrouded and bizarre.

Fascinating as the Ethiopian history might be, even more so is its less known pre-history. The discovery in Ethiopia in 1974 of a 3.3 million year fossilized skeleton of a distinct human being has confirmed the long-standing assumption that mankind originated in Africa (Ethiopia). It has also proved since 1994 that Ethiopia is the origin of man's earliest ancestry Ardipithecus Ramidus dating back to 4.4 million years. Scientists have confirmed that the skeleton was the remains of a woman whom they, somewhat romantically, christened as Lucy.

The cradle of mankind with a recorded history of 3000 years! Mosaic of unique cultures and home of the world's rarest animal and bird life. The history of Ethiopia, as the story of the interaction of diverse groups on one side and their collective response to an external challenge on the other has fascinated generations of scholars. A prominent Italian scholar, Conti Rossini, described Ethiopia as museo dei popoli, the museum of peoples or, as we say nowadays, "a land of nations and nationalities. More to come, including tour itineraries.