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Unblocking a web site can be accomplished whether you are at the office, at a school computer or using a public computer at some libraries or internet cafes. In order to unblock a web site or a software such as LowRateVoip or Skype, visit

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Health Hi Tech Breakthrough
EvaPhone with PEPID has achieved the ultimate all-in-one status tool for healthcare professionals. More than double the amount of clinical and pharmacological information can be accessed now that PEPID's robust clinical and pharmacological content are available on the iPhone. More

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New pocket-sized, iPod-like 12 language Navigator talking translator speaks to travelers of all ages. More-.

World's 1st Auto Future Tech Summit
Vancouver B.C: The GLOBE Foundation is pleased to announce the inaugural Auto FutureTech Summit was held in Vancouver British Columbia March 12 &endash; 14, 2008.  This was the first event of its kind bringing together an elite global gathering of representatives of the automotive and fuel sector's major stakeholders: OEMs, suppliers, financiers, oil and gas producers, electric utilities, labour unions, maintenance providers, insurance/reinsurance, agribusiness, civil society groups, and policy makers. This event will be staged in conjunction with GLOBE 2008, North America's premier event on the business of the environment. This event is the first time industry has come together on this magnitude to discuss the massive shift taking place in the automotive sector.  Together parties will explore the key issues, challenges and opportunities confronting the global automotive industry over the coming decade.   More . WriteEditor

E-mail crowned king of marketing media
Neither sleet nor snow nor spam can stop marketers reaching their audience if they're taking advantage of e-mail. We speak to the CMA and the DMA about why it works. Also: How to make the ISPs your best friend

Computers and The Internet
Apples for Africa Campaign

"Give a man a fish and you feed his family for a day. Teach him to fish and you will feed them for a lifetime."

AFRICA TRAVEL MAGAZINE is drumming up worldwide support our "Apples for Africa" program. This initiative will provide Apple Macintosh computers, software, books, supplies and training in the areas we know best - desktop publishing, the internet and audio visual presentation. More->

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Spam fighters hit criminals where they live
For years, spam haters have relied on junk-mail filters and Internet blacklists, but lately, some are saying it's time for a change in tactics. Their answer: follow the money. And that means going after the Web sites where spammers sell their pharmaceuticals and watches and male enhancement products.Misguided or not, it's pretty easy to argue that the fight against spam has been a losing proposition of late. At the end of last year, mail administrators noticed a big spike in the amount of spam flooding their in-boxes. Between July 1 and the end of the year, spam jumped to nearly 60 percent of all e-mail traffic monitored by Symantec Corp., and many administrators say it makes up an even greater percentage of e-mail now.

Say goodbye to anonymity
A Caltech student has developed a tool that can expose edits on Wikipedia entries
by John Blau
A word of caution about editing entries "anonymously" in Wikipedia: a tool has been developed that can show who made the changes. Virgil Griffith, who will be a graduate student at the California Institute of Technology starting in September, has developed Wikipedia Scanner, a search tool that traces the IP (Internet Protocol) address of people who make edits to the online encyclopedia.Continued

E-mails are like diamonds. They are forever
Employers should shoulder the responsibility to create and disseminate an acceptable use policy for emails that includes guidelines for appropriate business ethics
by Bill Elliott
One would think, after all the years of email communication, another article on this topic would be redundant. However, as demonstrated by a recent Toronto Star article (U of T student to get apology for email, Jul 22, 2007) it is clear there is still cause for concern. The article reported that an individual had sent an email containing a potential racial epithet (street talk); causing a great deal of embarrassment (and possible legal implications) for both employee and employer. Over the last 25 years, email has been part of conventional corporate communications. However, it has evolved from simply a replacement for formal business letters and memos into an alternative for more casual types of communication.Continued

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Vancouver, B.C.Take 7 of the most useful communication tools available today, web 2.0, and biometric security and you have Oyco Systems Inc. In 2004 a group of business visionaries from Vancouver, B.C. began putting together what they knew would be the first of its kind toolkit of communications, which is now available globally.

What they have done is give users web based email, text messaging, instant messaging (IM), personal website, blogging, video conferencing and the hottest trend in technology today -- VoIP -- (Voice over Internet Protocol) which allows users to talk to anyone by phone using the internet. Oyco users do not have to download any software to their own computers to utilize the toolkit.

With multiple companies offering Instant Messaging solutions and some utilizing Web based chat software, such as MSN, Yahoo and AOL IM Express, Oyco's Instant Messenger is able to communicate with all of them simultaneously across on the web -- through either messaging or Video Chat. "Companies like 'Meebo' gave people Interoptible IM Chat. We have taken web based messengers to the next level with Web based chat and Video chat across multiple platforms" says President, Mr. Paul Cross.

Oyco also differentiates itself by being the first on the web to offer biometric security. "We know people are very concerned about identity theft, so we added the most secure biometric authentication over the internet available today," says Oyco's IT Manager, Shameer Yakub.

Biometric security analyzes users' unique typing rhythm, so only the creator can access their personal account. "This gives Oyco a unique three- fold level of security that is unprecedented in the marketplace, another first on the web," says Cross.

"We are convinced that once people realize the benefits of Internet communication tools and our web based communication toolkit, Oyco will become The choice for anyone who is serious about secure communication. We are different than other multi- million dollar internet companies as we innovate and change with the speed of technology. We are the first web based community that combines 7 tools and biometric security."

About Oyco Systems Inc

Oyco Systems Inc. is a privately held company with offices in Abbotsford and Vancouver, British Columbia, and London, England. The company is lead by Paul Cross, a 10-year veteran of wireless telecommunications and a successful entrepreneur. Oyco Systems Inc. offers true convergence and simplifies the way people communicate using the web. You can learn more at Press Room .


Oyco Systems Inc

Paul Cross

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