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Camel Caravan to Ethiopia from Assal Salt Lake near Djibouti. a centuries old method of transport.

AFRICA'S RED SEA MIRACLE - DJIBOUTI! Activities at ATA 11th Eco and Cultural Tourism Synposium, Djibouti. The Arabian influence is prominent in the colorful fashions worn by the ladies from the destination we call "Africa's Red Sea Miracle.' Be sure to order and read Africa Travel Magazine's Djibout Edition. It will appear in our World Congress and Eco Cultural Tourism Editions and will be available separately for world wide distribution. We are working on features in both French and English languages.

Delegates and hosts at the ATA 11th Eco and Cultural Tourism Synposium, Djibouti, January, 2008. Interested in a Fam Tour this November as a Pre Post Experience including the World Travel Market in London? Please write.


ies at ATA 11th Eco and Cultural Tourism Synposium, Djibouti

Activities in Djibouti City