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Southern Africa Development Council (SADC) 14 Nation Heads of State and Government Summit,Mauritius,


When the SADC HEADS OF STATE AND GOVERNMENT SUMMIT was held in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, Africa Travel Magazine produced a special edition for that important occasion The success of this issue was so overwhelming that we decided on a repeat performance at the next opportunity which will be in our Southern Africa World Edition following Indaba 2009.

Here are some brief items about the organization and membership benefits. The 28th Annual Summit brought together over 700 delegates representing Government Ministries and Institutions, economic and social service experts, financial institutions, international organizations, non-governmental organizations, donors and journalists. The Summit provided a good forum for exchange of ideas and experiences between SADC member states government leaders on issues affecting regional integration, sustainable development, promoting and defending peace and security, poverty alleviation, fight against endemic diseases such as HIV/AIDS and human resources development in Southern Africa and globalization of World Economy.

Members of SADC: Angola / Botswana / DRC Congo / Lesotho / Malawi / Mauritius
Mozambique / Namibia / Seychelles / South Africa / Swaziland / Zambia / Zimbabwe

Background on SADC from past events: Southern African Development Community (SADC) includes 14 Nations from the Cape to the Congo. The Southern African Coordination Conference (SADC), the forerunner of the Southern African Development Community (SADC), was formed in Lusaka, Zambia on April 1st, 1980, following the adoption of the Lusaka Declaration - Southern Africa: Towards Economic Liberation by the nine founding Member States. The Declaration and Treaty establishing the Community, which replaced the Coordination Conference, was signed at the Summit of Heads of State or Government on August 17th, 1992, in Windhoek, Namibia.