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Africa Travel Association's Prestige Magazine to publish a "GRAND TOUR "OF SOUTH AFRICA" edition, with long-term, year-round, worldwide distribution.

The Emperor of South Africa. The magnificent new five-star hotel at Caesars Gauteng is just 5 minutes from Johannesburg International Airport. Africa's premier casino
resort experience. For a strictly limited period of time you can savor five-star luxury with a range of incredible opening offers. Be the first to experience Octavia's Senosorium Health and Beauty Spa and the unique Roman bath. Relive the legend.(

Allow time for photo animations to loadWhere the Springbok and Bushmen Roam: by Muguette Goufrani. While it was late May, there was a definite chill in the air; so we bundled up and climbed aboard a sturdy Land Rover 4x4 for Kagga Kamma's popular Moonlight Safari. No matter how many times we travel below the equator, I am always awed by the Southern Cross, which lit up in the midnight sky that night, in contrast with the eerie moonscape we were crossing; each one perched like Sabu atop our rubber-tired camel. (continued)

Discovering the Diversity of
South Africa
By Helen C. Broadus.
Discover the immense diversity of South Africa,a land full of rich cultural heritage, friendly people, spectacular wildlife and stunning landscapes. South Africa is truly famous for its mixture of cultures, heritages and traditions that are blended together through its festivals, music and foods. (continued) Dining in the Sky. Passengers using South African Airways' newly opened First Class Lounge at Johannesburg International Airport can expect a culinary experience worthy of this sophisticated haven. "The African theme, which runs through the entire concept, has also been used to great effect in the food and beverage areas," says Madelain Roscher, Senior Manager: Corporate Communications at SAA, Says Owen Jullies (Manager, SAA Menu Design and Beverage Selection): "In line with the overall design concept the lounge offers a range of sophisticated dining options." (continued)

Peoples and culture of South Africa. Throughout its history, South Africa has been a geographic designation rather than a reflection of a national reality. The result is that today the Republic of South Africa has one of the most complex and diversified population mixes in the world, a rich mosaic of distinctive minorities. This is underscored by the fact that not one of South Africa's major languages is spoken by a majority of all the people. (continued)

Experience a South African Working Holiday. The future of conservation in South Africa depends on obtaining a means of funding for Private Nature Reserves and Wildlife Rehabilitation Centers. The amount of funding made available to projects such as erosion control, invader plant control and fire control will make a large difference in the scale of conservation in the future. Now there is a solution. (continued)
The Flying Gourmet visits South Africa's Cape Wine Country

Be sure to sample the nation's award winning wines during your stay. South Africa's vintages are among the world's best. Some specialties include lovely Chardonnays, Pinot Noir, Merlot, Cinsault, Riesling, Shiraz, Sauvignon Blanc, Caberbet Sauvignon and Pinotage varietals. You will find that one of the most pleasant ways to enjoy South African wine is on a visit to the scenic wineland of the Western Cape. Few places in the world are as stunning as these lush valleys. Towering mountains are a dramatic backdrop for the rows of grapevines and giant oaks. (continued)

Shopping in Cape Town and Area. With the current exchange rate of 8 Rand to 1$ US it is a good time for visitors to go on a shopping spree while enjoying the attractions of Cape Town and area. Here's part of what Cape Tourism has to say. 'Shopping till you drop' is not an uncommon phenomenon in Cape Town, where your hunt for that special something can lead you on a trail right around the mountain and back. (continued)

Love notes from Cape Town. We have a church in Cape Town which is also reputed to have been the first theater in South Africa, called the St.Stephen's church. This church stands on Riebeek Square. There are many stories of the past to be told about this church, but one that has always been a delightful one in my opinion is that it is told that the cellar of the church used to be hired out in days of old. (continued)



muguetteRide a Blue Train with White Glove Service. Only in South Africa. by Muguette M. Goufrani. For years I had read that South Africa held many pleasures for those of an adventurous spirit or romantic nature. So one summer, taking a month's vacation from my job as a travel agent in Ivory Coast, West Africa, I headed south. Here at last was my chance to spend some leisurely, laid back weeks getting to know that fascinating country surrounding the Cape. While the sights and delights were many and varied, the epitome was my experience aboard the famous Blue Train. (continued)

South Africa- World Interclub Golf Challenge is launched
The first golf event of its kind, the World Interclub Challenge will take place at South Africa's premier golf resort, Fancourt Hotel and Country Estate in November 2002. Operated by EasyGolf Tours & Safaris, in conjunction with Dale Hayes Golf Events, the World Interclub Challenge is open to all golfers. The competition invites entries from all over the world with the only stipulation being that members of each 4-ball entry belong to the same home club .(continued)

Did you know? Facts about South Africa
South Africa has the oldest wine industry outside of Europe and the Mediterranean, featuring Chardonnays, Pinot Noir, Merlot, Cinsault, Riesling, Shiraz, Sauvignon Blanc, Caberbet Sauvignon and Pinotage varietals. South Africa has been called "the Rainbow Nation.
South Africa ranks amongst the world's top 25 trading nations and largest producers of gold, diamonds and other minerals. The world's largest uncut diamond was found at Kimberley in 1974. (
more facts - continued)

There is safety in Cape Town. By Brian Aldridge, Camissa Cape Tours and Charters. Most travelers to South Africa, as are those to other exotic places, are concerned about their safety. Where can I walk in the City? or what form of transport can I safely use? If you are young or young at heart your fear might be where you can party safely. These are genuine concerns and places like Cape Town have had bad publicity recent.

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