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Comments from Webtrends
At Webtrends, we love numbers so much we've set them free. We maintain the only enterprise analytics platform that provides customers unfettered access to their data - and we never charge them extra when they do so. We know we are not the only ones who can reveal the power of numbers. That's one reason we use standards-based methods for combining data across disparate corporate data silos. These methods make it easier for virtually any other data-cruncher to access, analyze and create value in new ways with our customers' numbers.

We call our approach Open Exchange.
At Webtrends, our customers have a number: 1. Their success always comes first. This is one reason we're still around &emdash; and still an analytics industry leader &emdash; after 15 years, while many of our early competitors are long gone. We provide powerful tools and expert guidance to help our customers capture and analyze their web site numbers, and unite them with the numbers generated by their call centers, their retail outlets and warehouses. We help them turn these numbers into understanding &emdash; the understanding they need to turn their business objectives into realities. And we do all of these things better than anyone else, which, by the way, is the other reason we're still around.

Below is a Webtrends report from our peak one month period to date. Statistics on our site usually reach their peak in March and April.i and average over one million hits.

 WebTrends Inc.

As the acknowledged global web analytics market leader for more than ten years, WebTrends is now leading the category into Marketing Performance Management. With an uncompromising focus on delivering the most accurate and actionable metrics, WebTrends enables thousands of web-smart organizations to easily improve campaign performance and web site conversion as well as build stronger relationships with their customers.

With the evolution of the enterprise solutions into the WebTrends Marketing Lab, the company stands alone in offering comprehensive, flexible and scalable web analytics as well as sophisticated, on-the-fly data exploration and customer targeting solutions for relationship marketing. Companies such as Ticketmaster, IKEA, Reuters, General Mills, US Bank and more than half of the Fortune and Global 500 rely on WebTrends as their trusted standard, not only for the award-winning technology, but also for a full range of consulting services and unmatched industry expertise across the broadest range of vertical markets.

Through software and on-demand options and a full range of data collection methods, WebTrends stands alone in its ability to meet any analysis objective with leading data integrity, privacy and security best practices.


More to come ..