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The Power of Positive Searches plus Statistics from Webtrends

Need proof? Valuable statistics on our magazine's website are gathered from reports from Webtrends 24/7 and regular searches on Google, MSN and Yahoo, North America's most powerful search engines. The quickest way to judge a web site's power, and performance is to search using basic words such as “Africa Travel Marketing" or "Africa Travel Fashion" - simple words that open the floodgates to millions of web pages worldwide. Try it - we will be at or near the top from millions of entries.
Since many of today's tuned in, turned on professionals get their news, views and background information via the Internet, our website employs certain facets of North America's top print media; the eye appeal of Conde Nast; the life span of National Geographic and the variety of Readers Digest. To catch, capture and command the viewer's attention, our headlines telegraph the core message, and to aid navigation, our new color coded top bars, and 'mini menus" on side bars keep them going in the right direction. The visitor's attention is further riveted by a wealth of cultural, wildlife and nature photography, plus scenes of Africans in action at events worldwide. We offer hundreds of great images - and each gallery page is linked to a specific country or region. Jerry W. Bird, Editor

WebTrends Named a Market Leader - Cited As Setting the Standard for Measuring Visitor Engagement

WebTrends Marketing Lab 2 recognized as a full-featured Web analytics platform by Independent Research Firm

PORTLAND, Ore - September 11, 2007 -WebTrends Inc., a leading provider of consumer-centric analytics and marketing intelligence solutions, today announced that WebTrends was among the select companies that Forrester invited to participate in its September 2007 Forrester Wave report The Forrester Wave™: Web Analytics, Q3 2007. In this evaluation, WebTrends ranked number one for Market Presence and was cited as a leader in Current Offering and Strategy. WebTrends received the highest score for Integration, "Overall, WebTrends Marketing Lab 2 is a full-featured Web analytics platform that gives clients extensive power and the ability to customize the platform to meet any special needs that may exist." WebTrends also received highest scores for Industry Presence and Installed Base reflecting its strong global presence across consumer packaged goods, financial services, media, retail, travel and hospitality, and technology and telecom industries.

This recognition focused on the recently announced WebTrends Marketing Lab 2, an integrated suite of marketing solutions that optimizes site performance, builds customer engagement and drives more effective and targeted marketing. According to the Forrester report, "WebTrends reference clients are extremely ambitious, giving high marks for supporting their complex efforts." Enterprise clients such as Internet Broadcasting are seeing the results for themselves.

"WebTrends has helped us to understand and better serve our 15 million monthly visitors," said Tom Masterman, research manager, Internet Broadcasting. "WebTrends Marketing Lab provides us with the insights we need to deliver the most relevant information, and the best overall experience, to our users. We find a ton of value in the ability to jump between different macro and micro views &emdash; enabling us to see our data at a network level, or for any one of our more than 70 TV station Web sites. This provides the data our editors want for making real-time content decisions, and the KPIs our executive team needs for long-term corporate planning."

The Forrester report goes on to say, "WebTrends stays on top of major trends in the online marketing space and has plans to augment its current platform with new technologies that we expect to be well received. Focus on visitors and a commitment to data integrity provide a solid technology foundation." The report added, "WebTrends sets the standard for measuring visitor engagement with WebTrends Score, a new tool for measuring visitor engagement that's unlike anything on the market today."

"WebTrends has been rated as a leader in the Forrester Wave report. This is particularly exciting as the market evolves from web analytics to online marketing platforms," said Greg Drew, CEO and president, WebTrends. "WebTrends will continue as a leader as we set the standard for visitor engagement with WebTrends Marketing Lab 2."

To learn more visit, www.webtrends.com/forresterwave.

About WebTrends Inc.

Since 1993, WebTrends has provided the market with web analytics solutions that help marketers measure and improve web sites and online marketing. Today, WebTrends Marketing Lab delivers comprehensive analytics, dynamic advertising optimization and deep visitor intelligence to drive customer engagement and power targeted marketing. Thousands of leading global organizations, including General Mills, IKEA, Microsoft, Reuters and Ticketmaster have chosen WebTrends solutions and proven client services expertise to optimize their marketing initiatives. For more information, visit www.webtrends.com.

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