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Think Tank in UK Looks to the Future of Business Travel in 2020

Rohit Talwar, CEO of Fast Future
Join Sandy to look into the crystal ball and learn from one of today's leading futurists, Rohit Talwar who runs a think tank in the UK where he and his colleagues study trends and futures in tourism and other industries. Fast Future has posed and projected a number of scenarios regarding events and meetings in 2020 and is running a study on the future of convention centers for the International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA). The first part of this study is a survey on what attendees will expect from live meetings, conventions and exhibitions in 2020.  Rohit will talk about what keeps him up at night at the think tank. Fast Future also welcomes your responses. If you are interested in the survey go to to weigh in on this worthwhile study. Archives will be up directly after the program at

Faustin Karasira Head Tourism Rwanda Development Board

Belize Kariza Chief Tourism Officer Rwanda Development Board

Belize Kariza, Chief Tourism Officer confirm that Rwanda tourism is a hidden treasure that should be discovered, experienced, shared and protected for all generations to come. 


Rwanda, a Remarkable land of a Thousand hills and a million smiles is often referred to by some as a small Africa and for a good reason. Because, it offers one unique and diverse experiences scattered all over the continent.
She adds that the joint marketing programmes with Kenya and Uganda under the Northern Corridor Integration Projects, as well as the One Single Visa, are all efforts to promote the three countries as one destination,
 plus the role of media and establishment of marketing representations in key markets for different market niches, and coming soon the Remarkable Rwanda app.

Hon.Phyllis Kandie
Kenya Ministry of East African Affaires, Commerce and Tourism

Hon. Kandie was born in Eldama Ravine, Baringo County, Kenya. In 1986 she joined St. Mary’s University, Canada for her undergraduate where she attained a B.Com (Economics) Degree. She then proceeded to Middlesex University, United Kingdom in 1991 and Durham University, UK for her MBA and further training. She is married to Ambassador Julius Kandie and blessed with two children, Lawrence and Simon. Professionally, Mrs. Kandie an investment banker and prior to her nomination, she was engaged as a Director, Investment Advisory Services at Standard Investment Bank. The new minister has also served as a regulator within the capital markets, energy and agricultural sector. Previously, she was a Business Advisory Consultant for the SME sector having consulted for the World Bank and European Union. She has also several boards including the Kenya Revenue Authority.

Uganda, which assumed the presidency of the Africa Travel Association (ATA) a year ago after hosting the hugely successful 39th Annual Congress in Munyonyo, Kampala, yesterday evening hosted delegates and invited guests to a dinner at the InterContinental Hotel in Nairobi. The Honorable Doctor Maria Mutagamba, Uganda’s Minister for Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities, welcomed the delegates of the congress and other invited guests to the dinner function, bringing back memories of the 39th Congress a year ago when she assumed the Presidency of ATA. With her was Mrs. Susan Muhwezi, the Uganda ATA Chapter President, both expressing their thanks for the honor of having been host country a year ago, after ATA held its initial function in 2004 when ATA’s Cultural Forum was held in Uganda.

It is now the turn of 2015 host country Kenya to take over the rotating presidency of the Africa Travel Association for the next year, and Cabinet Secretary Phyllis Kandie, who was the guest of honor for the evening, readily accepted the challenge. Kenya traditionally hosts the round figure ATA congresses, and the next time the organization will return to Nairobi will be in 2025. The Kenya Tourism Board, aka Magical Kenya, played a key role in preparing for, organizing, and executing this year’s congress, and Managing Director Muriithi Ndegwa, seen in the photo with some of his key staff after a media briefing in the KTB Boardroom yesterday, repeatedly expressed his delight to host delegates from ATA member countries, in particular North America. He encouraged the media team and delegates to take back their own experience and impressions of the country and tell the world that the Kenya they saw is not the Kenya often portrayed in international news broadcasts. 

Meanwhile, it was learned that Rwanda will be host country for the 41st Annual Congress of the Africa Travel Association to be held in a year in Kigali, after joining the association as a full member. Rwanda was represented at the Nairobi Congress by the Chief Tourism Officer at the Rwanda Development Board, Ms. Belise Kariza, who took over office from Amb. Yamina who was shortly after hosting the Kwita Izina Gorilla Naming Festival posted as Rwanda’s High Commissioner to Britain. Being selected as host country reflects the strides Rwanda has made over the past decade in raising the country’s tourism profile. The sector is now Rwanda’s leading foreign exchange earner and visitor numbers have steadily risen over the years. The creation of a fourth national park two months ago, Gishwati-Mukura, underscores Rwanda’s ongoing commitment towards environmental protection and sustainability of a now greatly-diversified range of tourism products.



Magical Kenya Cultural Night:

Kenya offers an unparalleled range of travel options. The incredible diversity of landscapes, cultures, wildlife and activities mean endless opportunities for adventure and relaxation, luxury and natural simplicity, social experiences and solitude. 

In one of a series of Africa Tourism Videos featuring African destinations, Uganda President Yoweri Museveni provides some powerful reasons why you should have the opportunity to experience an fascinating country which is no ordinary safari destination! A Pearl of Africa of stunning landscapes and Mountain Gorillas, a intelligent trip with indelible memories.
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Interview with our Publisher. On Air

Rick Antonson invites delegates to CLIA Cruise Show and other events has the first African talk show in the USA. He has created an connection with people around the world.

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African Delegates at UN World Urban Forum, Minister - Nigeria... Hakeem Badejo, Nigeria... Raymond Kalisa, Rwanda ... Hamza Ahmed, Kenya... Seydou Sow, Senegal... Grace Kisiraga, Kenya... George Doku- Malawi... Emmanuel - Ghana... Osman Osmai - South Africa... Jeff Kimani, Kenya... Mike Moyo, Malawi... Jare- Nigeria... Esther- Kenya... Jerry W. Bird - Editor

Ghana sweeps Africa Radio Awards regional final. thestatesmanonline



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Radio Broadcast from Arusha, Tanzania at ATA 33rd World Congress
Here are some of the many delegates interviewed by Sandy Dhuyvetter
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SAYED KHALIFA . USA and Latin America Director for the Egyptian Tourism Authority interviewed on TravelTalk Radio.
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AUDIO TOURS: Africa Travel Magazine's Media Team on location at Travel Expos, Embassies and ATA Chapters. Audio Profiles of the Great Cities of Africa will soon be part of the Advertising Package as a bonus to our print advertisers. Includes are: Abidjan - Abuja- Addis Ababa - Agadir- Cairo - Calabar - Casablanca - Conakry - Cape Town - Dar es Salaam - Douala - Essaouira - Fès - Kampala - Luanda - Lusaka- Marrakech - Meknès - Mombasa: - Nairobi - Rabat - Timbuktu - Yaounde - More to Come: Send items on your city

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Photos from the New York City Festival Entertainers

The Ngoma Africa Band , a Tanzanian band based in Germany has released a new single CD

"Apache wacha Pombe"(Apache stop over driking alcohol).

This danceable song composed by bandleader Ebrahim Makunja aka Ras Makunja "bwana kichwa ngumu is about a poor man  called "Apache" who spends all his meagre income in alcohol instead of taking care of  his sweet family. The song remainds people like Apache to invest such a money in education of their children to that they can build a better future. It remainds them that they have to think of their families instead of wasting their money entertaing freinds with drinks. On this New hit! Ras makunja sings together with Soloist Chiristia Bakotessa aka Chris B,

Apache is arleady dominating many radio station in Europe and some radio in East Africa. Apache is great Hit make Tanzanian Bongo dance is taking  Europe by strom.The Ngoma Africa Band is very popural by driving audience crazy hey style of music which is a fusion of Tanzanian  "Bongo Dance" with swahili rumba is quite unique.The have also maintained the tradition of singing in Swahili. This Golden Voice Of East Africa "Ngoma Africa" have named several time at International Festivals is the best band. Lsten on

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