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The Africa Travel Association (ATA) is the leading global trade association promoting travel and tourism to Africa and strengthening intra-Africa partnerships. Established in 1975, ATA serves both the public and private sectors of the international travel and tourism industry. ATA members include African governments, tourism ministers, tourism bureaus and boards, airlines, cruise lines, hotels, resorts, front-line travel agents, tour operators, and a media. ATA partners with the African Union Commission (AU) to promote the sustainable development of tourism to and across Africa.

ATA remains concerned about the Ebola virus and its far-reaching effects, and related perceptions, on the travel and tourism sector in Africa. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the most severely affected countries are Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone, however, the Africa tourism industry has felt stark repercussions across the continent through economic losses, cancelled flights and bookings, closed borders, and negative perceptions. These impacts reach far beyond the borders of those affected countries.

ATA urges the travel industry and traveling public to remain cautious, however, to acknowledge the immense size of the continent and to continue to travel to the vast majority of the countries that remain safe. With a landmass of 30.2 million square kilometers, the African continent is larger than China, India, and the United States combined, with its 54 independent countries.

ATA does not support the cancellation of flights to Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone as this creates further isolation, impeding the delivery of critical medical supplies and travel by aid workers, which can exacerbate the situation. According to the WHO, the countries affected “have very weak health systems, lacking human and infrastructural resources, having only recently emerged from long periods of conflict and instability.”

Now, more than ever, ATA hopes you will join our association in supporting, and standing in solidarity with Africa. ATA calls on travelers to make educated and rational decisions and cautions against the influence of sensationalized media. Africa has always suffered from challenges of perception relating to ignorance and a lack of understanding of the continent by citizens from around the world.
Despite these challenges, ATA remains optimistic about travel and tourism to the African continent. In 2013, Africa welcomed over 65 million visitors, consistently increasing its share in the global travel marketplace. Africa is an exciting travel destination, one of world’s most dynamic travel destinations for tourists seeking for adventure, exceptional cultural exchange and heritage tours, diverse culinary experiences, unparalleled safari and wildlife opportunities, first-class beaches, and a wealth of investment opportunities. In pursuit of its mission, ATA believes that tourism is a powerful tool for promoting economic growth, job creation, investment and cultural exchange.
Additionally, ATA encourages travelers to find the most up-to-date information here:  For more information on ATA, please visit www.africatravelassociation.org or call +1.212.447.1357. 

Green "Genesis Initiative" and its Impact on Communities
Permit me to introduce to you to The Genesis Initiative Uganda, an organization whose goal is to address environmentally related concerns affecting our country and the quality of life in each community. The worldwide issues of Biodiversity, Conservation and Environmental Management are crucial to Uganda's prosperity, and it is critical that the situation, which seems to be getting out of hand, is arrested. .  See photo . More

Afya Foundation is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization based in Yonkers, New York. It was founded in 2007 by Danielle Butin, MPH, OTR after a trip to Tanzania, where she encountered the dire circumstances and severely limited medical resources of their medical clinics. Afya, which means "good health" in Swahili seeks to spread "Good Health Through Giving," and does so by providing medical supplies, consumables, sustainable equipment, and community outreach supplies to international health clinics
The primary goal of Afya is to bring good health to those who need it most. One way in which it accomplishes this goal is by collecting donations of surplus medical supplies from New York hospitals. These supplies are stored temporarily in the Yonkers warehouse until volunteers load them into 40 foot containers bound for various international locations.[6] Afya tailors its shipments to the needs of specific communities by maintaining an up-to-date computer-based inventory menu from which international health organizations and professionals can self-select medical supplies from the warehouse via the web.

Shipments of Supplies: Afya has sent over 30 supply filled 40 foot containers to HaitiGhanaEthiopiaRwandaMalawi, and Sierra Leone.[2] Included in these shipments are a range of items from ultrasound machines and operating tables to soccer balls and pens. A wide range of vital supplies are required for clinicians to provide adequate care to the members of the communities they serve. In addition to shipping 40 foot containers, duffel bags can also be requested and shipped with medical personnel who are making a specific international aid trips. Supplies that are generally accepted include: Tents, Sleeping bags, Umbrellas, Rain boots, Bug Spray, Crutches, Wheelchairs, Gloves, Water Purification Tablets, Ensure/Liquid Food, Personal Care Items, Gauze, Bandages, Sheets, and Blankets.

Gloria's Gathering: provides a venue for mourning friends and family to honor a loved one by donating rehabilitated medical supplies that were used during recuperation and end of life that would otherwise wind up in a landfill. After rehabilitation, these supplies are distributed in developing nations throughout Africa and the Caribbean.[9] The project is named in honor of Gloria Bobrow, wife of Edwin Bobrow: Afya advisor board member, author, management consultant, and retired Adjunct Associate Professor at NYU.
Afya Clubs: Over 15 clubs across the country have already been founded by middle school, high school, and college students to spread the word about Afya and collect supplies in their own communities. Any and all youth are encouraged to get involved and start their own clubs in order to help Afya to continue in providing vital supplies to international health clinics and communities in need. Alex, a teenager from the New York area ran a collection drive for soccer equipment. He started by getting in touch with local youth soccer commissioner, to set up donation boxes at local youth soccer games. By the end of his project, he had managed to collect enough soccer equipment to furnish an entire youth soccer league in Neno, Malawi.[10] The Women's Track and Field team at Haverford College recently completed a collection campaign. Over 100 pairs of shoes were donated and shipped to the Afya warehouse, where they will be distributed to those in need.

Aisha Project: Request from Zambia



 olution for African Farmers and Their Families
One in three Africans suffers from hunger. And the problem is getting worse, not better. There are many reasons for this crisis. The soil is becoming less fertile as Africans have to farm it more intensively to keep up with population pressure. Meanwhile, African farmers don't have access to four things essential to successful agriculture: improved, high-quality seeds that are well-suited to local conditions; farming inputs like organic and mineral fertilizers and irrigation; opportunities to learn and test new farming techniques; and commercial markets where they can sell crops. MORE->

.Abyssinian Fund is an NGO dedicated to fighting poverty in Ethiopia. An event on its behalf was organized in Harlem by members of the legendary Abyssinian Baptist Church. It attracted local politicians, business leaders, and diplomats, including representatives of Ethiopia's Permanent Mission to the United Nations. More

Without clean water, life is an endless struggle. With it, almost anything is possible.. While some of us can travel the world on business or for pleasure, in Africa and Asia women walk an average of 6km a day just to collect water for their families. While the average family in Europe spends £1,000 on a two-week summer holiday, in the developing world it costs just £1 to supply water to a child for nearly ten years.Just a Drop is a global charity founded by members of the international travel industry that aims to provide clean water and sanitation where they are most badly needed. Web Site

Through Children's Eyes: Ethiopia and Canada The following project was brought to our attention by Angela Fairbank, of the ATA Canada Chapter in Vancouver . Ms. Fairbank is a Marketing Consultant on behalf of clients worldwide including Africa.

To Angela: I am writing to request further details on the events your company is planning in Addis to mark the millennium this Sept. Our organization is sending a team of journalists to document the events for a film project to be shown in schools in Canada as well as for publication by our media partners here in Canada (print, online and TV). You can find more info on the project online here: http://www.whatsthe411.ca/index.asp?pageID=73

Smile Africa and the Computer Recycling Society

Field Trip Earth. Support "Field Trip Earth." petition drive being led by the American Zoo and Aquarium Association (AZA).

Africa's Cities - Gateways to Travel and Tourism: Tourism & Jobs: Africa's Mayors Star at UN World Urban Forum:
"With some 10.000 participants from over 100 countries, the Third Session of the World Urban Forum paved the way for a new drive forward on the international urban agenda in a world of rapidly growing cities. Just as the Habitat I Conference in Vancouver in 1976 placed local community concerns on the international agenda and highlighted the critical importance of inclusiveness, the Forum in Vancouver, 30 years later, lived up to its promise of moving ideas to action. It symbolized inclusiveness, with balanced participation from public, private and civil society sector"

Morocco. Appeal for Disaster Flooding in Merzouga Area

DISASTER RELIEF: Erg Chebbie Dunes in the Sahara Desert, Morocco and the villages of Merzouga and Hassi Lybed Local Berbers are the indigenous poor folks of the Sahara Desert The night of May 26, there were severe thunder storms, hail the size of golf balls, a lot of rain and wind which caused severe flooding in the area. Most of the damage was in Merzouga as all the waters hit the mud houses and destroyed over 250 houses. T: http://www.bluemenofmorocco.co.nr/

Communities Around the World Seek Caring Volunteers
Caring individuals can take steps toward peace and economic justice by lending a helping hand on service programs at home and abroad. By working
together, volunteers and local people learn that we share a common humanity and that cultural differences are cause for celebration, not conflict. Global Volunteers, a nonprofit organization, invites altruistic individuals to lend a hand on service programs at home and abroad. This truly is "travel that feeds the soul" - a unique blend of cultural immersion and service to others.

No special skills are required to participate on a Global Volunteers service program. Volunteers pay a tax-deductible program fee ranging from $750 for one-week in the continental United States to $1,470- $2650 for two- and three-week international programs. The fee covers all meals, lodging and project expenses; airfare is extra. All project-related costs, including airfare, are tax-deductible for U.S. taxpayers. Call 800-487-1074 or dial http://www.globalvolunteers.org for details. (Discounts available for internet use, students, groups.) The following communities seek volunteers in early 2006:

Ghana: Help construct a school, teach English or assist on health projects in seacoast or inland villages in this fascinating West African culture. (Two-week option available.) Jan. 7-28, Jan. 28-Feb. 18, Feb. 25-March 18. $2,450.

Tanzania: Help build and repair school buildings or teach English and other subjects and experience genuine village culture. Jan. 15-Feb. 3, Feb. 5-24, March 19-April 7. $2,385.

Bushcamp Company - Mfuwe Lodge School Project: In 1999, The Bushcamp Company and Mfuwe Trails set up a project whose aim is to become involved with the local communities and to help these communities by supporting education and providing much-needed help to local schools. As its main projects, they chose to help two schools, namely Chiwawatala Primary School in the main Mfuwe area and Chilongozi School, which is in remote area close to their bushcamps. Continued. (Photos)

International Institute for Peace Through Tourism.
Talk about perseverance. We first heard of Louis D'Amore (left) in the late 80s after he had staged the world's first Peace Through Tourism Conference in Vancouver, BC, Canada, our home base for the past two decades. Destiny called and somehow I knew our paths would cross, which they did in Ethiopia in 2000. Since then ourselves (as editors) and the Africa Travel Association have marched side by side with our friend Mr. D'Amore in promoting this worthwhile and much needed project

About Cross-Cultural Solutions
Cross-Cultural Solutions runs 11 programs out of 12 countries,with more than 100 staff members in 13 offices worldwide. To date, the organization has brought more than 2,500 participants to countries around the world to work in sustainable community development initiatives. Our programs are year-round throughout Asia,Africa and Latin America,and range from 2-12 weeks.

Do you remember the friendly face on the left?
He made millions of children around the world happy. Click for answer

411 Initiative For Change
(T)647.438.9436, (E) tamara@whatsthe411.ca
www.whatsthe411.caCanadian culture inherently includes being a global citizen. Canada embraces multiculturalism, immigration, and cross-cultural understanding. Canada is recognized internationally as a peacekeeping nation, which undertakes knowledge and cultural exchange to foster increased understanding and cooperation between nations and different ethnocultural communities. 411 diverse youth multimedia team will undertake a journey to explore how Canadian culture and identity contrast with their peers in Ethiopia on the Eve of the Ethiopian New Millennium. See Website for more

Building the Future : A model for Africa? A solution for homelessness? More->

More about Visionaries
Many other great causes are profiled including: Christian Solidarity International, S.C.A., Yemin Order, Save the Tiger, M.S.H., TBIN, AFCM World Neighbors, Boys Hope Girls Hope, On Lok, Catholic Charities, WHOI, Foundation for a Civil Society, Water for People, American Friends Service Committee, S.E.A., Gould Farm, The Caring Institute, Nonprofits' Insurance Alliance of California, Connecticut Institute for the Blind/Oak Hill, Childreach, Freedom from Hunger, Accion, Christian Appalchian Project, Coral Reef Alliance, Volunteers of America, Hadassah, PACT, AmeriCares, American Liver Foundation, Refugees International, Human Service, Alliance, Salesian Fathers Christian Relief Services, AirServ, Alger Foundation, The PMC, Group B Strep Association, Maryknoll Sisters, Casas Por Cristo. (more to come) The Visionaries, Inc. (781) 356-6804

More Great Causes

TEL: + 254720980059

I am Francis Kamau, I run a charitable organization known as Happy Nairobi Kids  that caters for orphans and needy children in Nairobi.  (Children Home) I would kindly appeal to you to kindly come to our rescue we are facing a very tough and difficult situation, we are lacking most of the basic essentials, e.g.  Cooking oil, beans, vegetables, sugar, salt, maize and wheat flour, rice, bar soap, toiletries etc. It is even sadder that its end month and we are yet to pay the premises rent. Which is Ksh 10000 per month kindly assist us where you can?   We also have a child sponsorship program where one can choose a child to sponsor Kindly donate to us anything you deem appropriate, your assistance will be highly appreciated. Thanks and looking forward for your early response.
Kind Regards Francis Kamau , Director
Happy Nairobi Kids.

Cell : +254 720 980 059 , Skype:francishappy
E-mail : info@happynairobikids.or.ke / happynairobikids@yahoo.co.uk
Whatever good you do will be rewarded by God.

Canadian Doctors Train Africans in Vital Surgery
VANCOUVER, BC: "Our vision is to empower low income countries to create an environment where the risk from injuries is minimal and all people receive adequate surgical care." Africa Travel Magazine's editors shared an evening recently, with the founders of CNIS Canadian Network for International Surgery, which originated in Vancouver, BC, and whose theme is."For the Life of Africa." web site: www.cnis.ca The following three points are emphasized on the CNIS web site and in a brochure.

There is an urgent need for medical practitioners with surgical skills in Africa. As a surgical organization CNIS not only wants to improve access to surgical care, but also wants to reduce the need for surgery. The CNIS is a 'learning organization' and support increasing the knowledge and skill base of our African partners. We learned of the good works this group of dedicated doctors is doing, and will be featuring them in our magazine and on line

Doctors Without Borders aids the suffering
Back in 1971, a small group of French doctors was winding up its work in Biafra, the devastated and famine-stricken scene of the bloody Nigerian civil war. Providing medical relief there had sometimes been a tragically frustrating job. The experience left the doctors determined to find a better way to respond to health emergencies. What they wanted was a way for physicians to minister to suffering victims, unhampered by political, economic and religious factors. Out of that resolve came Medecins sans frontiers (MSF) known in English as Doctors Without Borders. Today, this is the world's largest independent, international medical relief organization. MSF maintains 5 operational centers in Europe and 14 national sections throughout the world, including 1 in Canada.
From Canada World View. We will publish news about your worthy cause . Fax 604-681-6595 or send

A Canadian, Dr. James Orbiski, is currently president of the MSF International Council, which has its headquarters in Brussels, Belgium. The organization has a threefold mission. First, it supplies emergency relief in place where medical infrastructure does not exist or is unable to cope with the crisis. Second, it conducts medical research, mass vaccination and other public health programs in developing countries. Third, it serves as the voice of the afflicted, speaking out about the plight of the people it helps.

MSF's operating principle is to provide help to all who need it regardless of race religion, politics or gender. Fulfilling that pledge require a measure of sturdy independence. This is why MSF seeks donations from international agencies, private foundations and the general public. Since 1991, MSF volunteers have served in Rwanda, Bosnia, Afghanistan, Cambodia, Liberia, Angola, Sudan, Sri Lanka, Colombia and elsewhere. They have responded to human-caused and natural disasters-everything from shooting wars and the collapse of civil order to epidemics, famines and floods. The Kosovo crisis brought the organization into action again. To volunteer for service, make a donation or learn more about the work of MSF, E-mail:msfcan@passport.ca.

We welcome your support for the following great causes which focus on Africans including Free The Children.

Visionaries ( TV Series) www.visionaries.org
On seeing a Visionaries episode on television recently, it was love at first sight. We decided that this organization deserved to be front and center in our magazines and on our web sites. The Visionaries Institute of Suffolk University presents its Seventh Season of Quality Television, sponsored in part by The F. M. Kirby Foundation, The Fitzpatrick Family, Delta Health Cooperative, Lisa A. and David J. Robino, The Jackson Family, Bob and Margot Keith International Development Foundation in the United Kingdom, The Muslim Educational Foundation
Sample topics in the series:
Elderhostel : It's 10pm - Do you know where your grandparents are? Maybe they're trekking in the foothills of the Himalayas in Nepal...or hitching a ride on a camel in Cairo...Perhaps they're in Arizona fulfilling a lifelong dream to fly an airplane...or in Monument Valley volunteering on a Navajo reservation. There's no end to the adventure on an Elderhostel program. (more on the Visionaries web site).
Pathfinder Village: Shifting the lives of people with Down Syndrome from fenced-in institutions into the general community, allowing them full and complete participation in society. (more on the Visionaries web site).
Outreach International: In October 1998, Hurricane Mitch wreaked unprecedented havoc in the country of Nicaragua. Homes were destroyed, crops were lost and thousands were killed. While many families huddled in their cramped homes praying for salvation, the small mountain

Many other great causes are profiled including: Christian Solidarity International, S.C.A., Yemin Order, Save the Tiger, M.S.H., TBIN, AFCM World Neighbors, Boys Hope Girls Hope, On Lok, Catholic Charities, WHOI, Foundation for a Civil Society, Water for People, American Friends Service Committee, S.E.A., Gould Farm, The Caring Institute, Non profits' Insurance Alliance of California, Connecticut Institute for the Blind/Oak Hill, Childreach, Freedom from Hunger, Accion, Christian Appalchian Project, Coral Reef Alliance, Volunteers of America, Hadassah, PACT, AmeriCares, American Liver Foundation, Refugees International, Human Service, Alliance, Salesian Fathers Christian Relief Services, AirServ, Alger Foundation, The PMC, Group B Strep Association, Maryknoll Sisters, Casas Por Cristo.
(more to come)
The Visionaries, Inc. (781) 356-6804